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Vegan Restaurants in Philadelphia


Vegan Restaurants in Philadelphia

While Philly is famous for its juicy cheesesteaks, roast pork sandwiches, and hoagies stuffed full of meat and cheese, the city also undoubtedly has one of America’s most notable veggie food scenes.

Teeming with a diverse array of vegan-focused diners — from traditional Philadelphia-themed spots turning rutabagas into mouthwatering cheese substitutes to upscale bistros offering classic deli and brews — this historic city is raising the bar high for vegan meals one eatery at a time.

Dive into the wealth of plant-based restaurants and lose yourself in the culinary flavor of the East Coast as you sample healthy Chinese noodles in a sleek patio setting or share giant slices of veggie pizza with friends. Whether you are a veggie-loving visitor, a meat-eater seeking a fresh break from your everyday diet, or a devoted vegan resident, Philadelphia’s got something for you.

Read on to find out where your next healthy lunch might be!


Credit: Vedge

This exclusive French eatery is reputed not only as an excellent vegan spot in Philadelphia but as easily one of the best restaurants in all of America.

Housed in a massive Victorian home with an elegant dining setting draped in warmth and an intimate atmosphere, Vedge offers a menu of signature dishes prepared from the freshest of vegetables by world-renowned chefs.

Prepare yourself for an exciting experience as you settle into a fancy seat and dig into a starter dish of vegetable charcuterie followed by a plate of stuffed avocado or rutabaga fondue. Finish off with a tropical storm cocktail or oatmeal stout. And of course, don’t forget to have a go at the meyer lemon tart or chocolate pot de crème. Vedge’s desserts are world-class!

You can visit Vedge at 1221 Locust Street today.

Charlie Was A Sinner

Credit: Charlie Was A Sinner

Tucked in an atmospheric corner of the neighborhood, Charlie Was A Sinner is a sophisticated all-vegan bar offering up delectable plates and unique cocktails that are sure to enthrall even the pickiest of meat-eaters.

With everything from classics like potato croquettes to caramelized eggplant bao buns and avocado toast, you’ll be salivating even before the meal is served.

Go for a hearty kale salad or roasted brussels sprouts and wash your dinner down with a blue Hawaiian or draft beer. They even have Korean-style fried tofu and potato dishes in all tastes and styles. Grab a quick Charlie Burger before work or order a bowl of fresh Caesar salad to savor in the evening.

You can visit Charlie Was A Sinner on 131 S. 13th street today.

Bar Bombón

A snug hideaway weaving Latin American flavors with classic Philadelphia cuisine, Bar Bombón is a popular destination for veggie meal lovers. This spot serves healthy Puerto Rican delicacies from midday into the late hours of the night, accompanied by delightful cocktails in a charming atmosphere loved by visitors and locals alike.

Drop by after a long day for a refreshing glass of salted grapefruit margarita and sweet plantains on the side. In a hurry to get home? Grab takeout nachos or blackened fajita tacos and a Latin chopped salad. Brunch could be anything from strawberries & cream French toast to Spanish meatballs or old-fashioned pancakes. Finish your meal with an acqua panna or fresh orange juice. 

You can visit Bar Bombón on 133 S. 18th Street today.


Credit: Blackbird

An exquisite restaurant offering takeout and delivery, Blackbird is where you go for your vegan cheesesteak cravings and BBQ wings. This sleek establishment is a household name notable for its menu of dishes made from healthy, locally sourced ingredients.

Settle in for savory cheese fries or Cubano sandwich and arugula. Or order from their assortment of handcrafted pizzas or country-fried seitan and hot chicken.

You can visit Blackbird at 614 N 2nd Street today.


An exclusively plant-based restaurant offering meals made from organic non-GMO soy ingredients, HipCityVeg reinvents the golden standard for vegan restaurants, and locals are happy about it. 

Serving a menu of burgers, salads, frozen treats, and more, this restaurant is a must-stop for everybody on the hunt for a comfy spot to savor healthy meals.

Order a curry tofu wrap with spinach and sprouts, or go for a Ziggy burger or Philly steak smothered with mozza cheese. You can also enjoy sweet potato fries on the side or grab golden hash browns for breakfast. And if you’re craving a smoothie or ginger lemonade, the drink bar’s got you.

You can visit HipCityVeg on 127 S 18th Street today.


Credit: Goldie

A chic vegan lunch spot serving falafel and French fries accompanied by organic shakes, this restaurant offers a roomy dining setting with an atmosphere of calm and charm that keeps you coming back for more.

Residents can’t stop raving about Goldie’s tehina shakes or their to-die-for shawarma and salads. Grab a quick lunch and sour cherry iced tea or kick back in a comfy chair to relish the creamy taste of their famous milkshakes in every flavor, from matcha to turmeric lime soda, mint chocolate chip to Turkish coffee.

You can visit Goldie at 1526 Sansom Street today.

The Tasty

Want breakfast in a retro-tinged setting? This is where you should stop! The Tasty is one of Philly’s most popular vegan diners serving everything from biscuits and gravy to deluxe burritos and tater tots. You don’t even have to be vegan to try out the culinary wonders of this restaurant.

Order a breakfast omelet and pancakes topped with fresh berries and cream, or go for a yummy serving of cinnamon donut holes and chicken & waffles. Why not grab a tasty Buffalo Chicken Philly cheesesteak for brunch or a takeout caesar salad and the most aromatic oat milk latte? You’ll be making another trip back to this vegan haven before long.

You can visit The Tasty at 1401 S 12th Street today.

Dottie’s Donuts

Credit: Dottie’s Donuts

Who said vegans can’t have a delicious donut free of dairy? Well, peep into this quaint bakery and café famous for its many donut flavors, bagels, coffee, and tea. Hungry? Order a hearty cinnamon bun and brownies or a box of chocolate, vanilla, and Boston cream donuts. Everything in the store is vegan, so don’t worry, Dottie’s got you covered!

Don’t miss out on their apple fritters or s’mores pop tart specials. You can also grab a steaming cappuccino or creamy mocha. And, of course, the kids will delight in a cup of hot tea or chilled bottled drinks!

You can visit Dottie’s Donuts today at 4529 Springfield Ave.

Su Xing House

Philadelphia is diverse, and so its vegan restaurants come in a wonderful variety. You can’t miss out even if your taste buds are craving Mediterranean or Far East cuisine. At Su Xing House, the menu is deliciously meat-free, and diners can bring their own wine.

Start your lunch with a spring roll, then select a savory serving of sesame chicken or brown rice and lotus root soup. Su Xing offers everything from chef’s specialties like Dragon & Phoenix to tofu skin braised with tomato and vegetable heaven splattered with garlic sauce, or you can order a stir-fried chow fun and veggie lo mein. Wrap up your meal with a bubble tea, mango slush, or milkshake.

You can visit Su Xing House on 1508 Sansom Street today.

Luhv Vegan Bistro And Deli

Credit: Luhv Deli

Want a gluten-free sandwich, deli soup, and pastries? Luhv Bistro is the place for you. Snug, atmospheric, and serving delicious dishes, this family-owned business is a hidden gem in the heart of Philadelphia.

Serving take-out and delivery but no dining in, Luhv Deli offers everything from a Reuben sandwich to chicken salad wraps, coleslaw to an energy soup bowl, even a corned beef special. Pick from a selection of vegan Italian hoagie or Caprese, tuna salad hoagie, or BLT. And you should absolutely dig into the wonderful dessert. Whoopie pie and cupcake, bundt cake and brownies — this bistro’s got it all.

You can visit Luhv Vegan Deli at 51 N 12th Street today.

Sprig & Vine

A pure vegan eatery that puts a premium on quality customer treatment, Sprig & Vine is a modern, eco-friendly diner draped in a luxury atmosphere that fills guests with comfort, warmth, and the best of meals.

Offering a delicious menu of salads and small soup plates, side dishes, and dessert, this is a fantastic haven for a quiet family dinner or quick lunch grab.

Order a tiramisu and potato wedges or BBQ Tempe Wrap for lunch. You can also grab a quick breakfast burrito on the curb, as well as miso-maple-mustard glazed tempeh and green curry coconut jasmine rice cakes. The beverage list includes kombucha, sparkling water, iced almond chai, beet lemonade, coffee, and tea.

You can visit Sprig & Vine at 450 Union Square Drive today.

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